Big Beer and Little Breweries

Big Beer and Little Breweries

This month AB Inbev (Anheiser Busch) purchased one of my favorite breweries, Wicked Weed. This purchase brought out a flood of emotion from craft brewery fans who accused Wicked Weed of “selling out”. Believe me, I get it. But at the same time, I have a certain empathy for a business owner who cashes in when their business reaches that next level. Here’s the problem…AB Inbev is the enemy of small craft breweries like Big Ugly. They want to drive us out of business and capture our customers. Whenever they can, they want to make it difficult for the little guys. Small craft breweries have a certain brotherhood. We help each other out, and we generally like each other (except for Adam the Brewer from Gordon Biersch, no one likes him) with the philosophy that a rising tide lifts all boats (no idea what this means but it sounds good). AB Inbev has no such feelings, They are a big business who sees every other brewery as competition. Would Big Ugly ever sell to Big Beer? I never see that happening, but if it ever does, we promise to throw our loyal customers an epic party! The Big Ugly family is consumed with all things beer. I like to spend my free time searching the internet for hops, while head brewer Evan spends hours looking for new and innovative ways to improve our beers. We didn’t start Big Ugly in order to simply strike it rich, then go home. We did it because we absolutely love craft beer and everything about it. We love drinking beers, talking about beer, and brewing beer. I am not exaggerating when I say that I dream of beer recipes at night. And since opening the brewery, I have come to love the beer lovers of Chesapeake. They are like family to me, and I feel a certain responsibility to them as the local brewer, to brew the best possible beer for my friends. Rest assured, we plan on being your hometown brewery for many years to come.


Now, onto our latest beer… Remember last years Daytripper, our wheat IPA? We’ve brewed it again, but this time with a New England twist. The beer clocks in at a very sessionable 5.6%ABV, but is loaded with the hops we all love, Citra and Amarillo. It’s a juice bomb that lacks bitterness and is totally crushable. Get it while you can, because it won’t last long. Next up will be another Big Ugly favorite, Hot Pursuit. With over 100 lbs of pineapple, and over a hundred habanero peppers, this sweet/hot beer is perfectly balanced and a Big Ugly favorite.





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