Who Feels Like a Nut?

COCONUT!!!!! I hate coconut! If I get a piece of chocolate candy and it has coconut in it, I pitch it. However, put some coconut in a dark beer and I can’t get enough. Such is the case with our next new release, No Joy. No Joy uses our award winning Ghost Rider porter as the base. Then we add coconut…lots and lots of coconut. This beer has almost a pound for every gallon of beer, in addition to mesh bags stuffed with cocoa nibs, and a touch of almond extract. It’s been a slow process brewing this beer, adding the various adjuncts and waiting for the flavors to meld together, but we think the wait will be worth it. No Joy is an Almond Joy bar in a glass. So if you feel like a nut, come grab a snifter, sit back, and prepare for your senses to blown away! At the time of this post, No Joy is still in the tanks, but we hope to have it kegged and on tap within a week, so stay tuned. We also just brewed a new version of what’s quickly becoming a Big Ugly favorite, Leaf Peepers. This time we made an imperial version, that will be double dry hopped for tons of juicy hop aroma and flavor. The beer went into the fermenter today, so expect to see it pouring in about two weeks.

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